Monday, 23 August 2010


There is very liitle needed that isn't already there, but she now has two 'nice to have' extras.

Leading a bachelor existence as I do, a microwave oven escalates from 'nice to have' to 'must have' and Tekani now has one in addition to the gas stove. It is securely fastened to a shelf above the work bench in the galley which leaves the cook's work space unobstructed. The diesel gen-set provides 240 V power for this as well as for the air conditioner and water heater.

The other addition is a chart table. Many small boats don't have one now and rely on the GPS satellite system for navigation; spreading the seldom-used paper chart on the saloon table for the rare occasions when it is looked at. I have been at sea for far too long to join them and a chart spread out on the table with parallel rules, dividers and a sharp pencil at hand is a comfort for when the batteries go flat or the ship's cat. mistakes the back of the electrical switch board for a relief station. There is a designated space in the aft cabin for chart work, but this is too far from the action when navigating. The table will accept a half-folded standard chart and can be removed in port or when not needed, but it is already proving so useful, that it will probably stay permanently in place.

Time I got moving before any more expensive ideas surface.


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