Friday, 8 January 2010


Freedom at last. Internet access has been restored and I am again able to use my preferred Internet Service Provider, TPG Australia.

The battle was finally won after putting the frighteners on Telstra with the Telecommunications Ombudsman. Daily confrontations since December 24th with a series of disembodied voices in Telstra call centres and repeated assurances that the illegal churn, initiated by BigPond while I was in New Zealand and a long way from my locked and unoccupied office would be reversed are now at an end.....until next time ?

If it happens to you, don't waste time calling Telstra or BigPond. The Ombudsman can be reached on 1800 665376.



  1. Yes!!! Thanks for sharing this, Brian. I've forwarded it to a couple of friends who have been trying to decide between TPG and Bigpond. I don't think they'll be touching Telstra after this and they'll just love that Ombudsman contact!

    Perhaps you can restart your Christmas. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks Warwick,
    The kindest explanation for this predatory behaviour is a saying attributed to Voltaire.
    " Never attribute to malice and venality that which can be explained by sloth and stupidity".
    Or perhaps it was just a rogue operator in Telstra Sales hoping to wear me down until I accepted the churn and went along with it.
    Either way, I'm getting out of my last link with Telstra and cancelling my home phone contract with them ASAP.