Wednesday, 5 August 2009

More Climate Change Hysteria

Galileo Galilei is long gone to his reward and, unlike him, we no longer risk summary execution for questioning settled 400 year old scientific opinion that the earth is the center of the universe with the sun, stars and planets revolvlng around it once every 24 hours and that's a relief.

But wait, there's more. Continue to switch on lights, iron your clothes, drive your car, cook your food using, ( shock, horror, ELECTRICITY), and we are all doomed. Furthermore, the fate of the planet and all who inhabit it will be decided in a little over 7 days if the Australian Parliament fails to pass the Rudd government's Emissions Trading legislation. Who says so ?. Respected and revered scientists from The Australian National University, that's who. These august savants have gone into specific detail on the damage about to be visited on various world renowned icons by rapidly rising sea levels caused by CO2, the Satanic Gas

The Great Barrier Reef, Kakadu National Park and, wait for it, the Sydney Opera House are all doomed unless sinners repent and do immediate penance in darkness and silence unbroken by the noise of car exhausts, power stations or machines of any kind unless they are powered by solar, wind or better still, pedal power

The Australian National University has a photo on its web page of dangerous gases emitted by the cooling towers of an offending polluter showing evil plumes pouring from menacing red towers. This is a standard shot used time and again by the Climate Change / Global Warming industry and is fraudulent mis-use of photographic evidence to mislead and confuse.

from the ANU website

The menacing clouds sullying the innocent blue sky are not CO2, which is a colourless, odourless atmospheric trace gas. The visible plumes are H2O, i.e steam which will soon dissolve and disappear, as will, in time, this meretricious nonsense from highly paid academics who could and should find something better to do with their taxpayer funded time.